Evolving as the financial advisors’
business evolves.

Evolving as the Financial Advisors’
Business Evolves

Redefine your value
as an advisor.

It’s not enough for financial advisors to be investment experts, they need to understand people. By helping investors uncover their true financial goals and align them to a portfolio, you’re putting them on track to achieve whatever they define as financial success. That’s when they really understand your value. As we see your needs change, we align our business to support them.


Bringing investors’
goals to life.

Today’s financial advisor needs a holistic, personalized, and scalable understanding of every client’s financial picture. Our product teams are blending knowledge of human behavior with our portfolio-centric perspective to help you deliver that unique value.


A shared language
with investors.

It is essential that the information you get from us is immediately relevant to your clients because it can be easily communicated and understood. Our independent investment analysts have a track record of curating, contextualizing, and conveying investing insights simply and clearly through their candid analysis and use of consistent methodologies.


Excelling in the art
of surfacing insights.

We understand your need to personalize choices for your investor clients. Our high-quality foundational data and proprietary analytics ensure exceptional coverage and actionable insights, while our active construction of emerging datasets deliver better transparency around healthcare savings accounts, crypto currency instruments, CITs, retirement plan data, and proxy voting.


Understanding the letter
and spirit of regulation.

Our data and research both inform and are informed by regulatory policy. Our centrality makes us an educated source to help financial advisors fulfill new obligations, reduce risk in their practices, and become better fiduciaries in the service of investors.

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Choose the solution that powers your work.

Professional Solutions

Data and research that informs and supports how financial advisors design investment strategies and experiences.

Demystify complex investments with a connected source of data and analytics.

Rely on our investor-centered research for your important investing decisions.

Enterprise Software Components
Show clients how you’re different with a reimagined digital experience.

Explore investment analysis platforms designed for the way you work.

Investment Management Solutions

Investment services for professionals who share our belief in the value of long-term, fundamentals-driven investing to help investors reach their investing goals.

Managed Portfolios
Tap into the fundamentals of valuation-driven investing for your clients.

Workplace Retirement Solutions
Provide personalized financial advice to help clients plan for a better tomorrow.

Transform research into solutions for investors.

Research Insights for Advisors

Mining for Goals

Behavioral biases can cause investors to overlook important financial goals. How can we help investors identify goals that are relevant for the long term?

2019 Health Savings Account Landscape

In this report, we evaluate 11 of the largest HSA providers to help provide clarity to investors about this often opaque and evolving space.

Volatility Happens

Helping clients through periods of market volatility can cement long-term relationships and keep investors on track to reach their goals.

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