Redefine your value

as an advisor.

Competing as an advisor today means integrating technology systems, addressing demand for flexible fee structures, and balancing passive and active investing decisions. It’s time to evolve your business.


A strong foundation
for your advice.

Our research and data flow through everything we do. And we designed our portfolio management software specifically to surface information at key moments in the decision-making process of building and managing portfolios.


A flexible platform for
the tools you need.

With the ability to automate tasks, you can focus on what matters most to you. Our web-based platform can modernize your portfolio accounting, rebalancing, and reporting so you can amplify your work.


Build portfolios yourself
or let us do the work.

Our sophisticated tools can help you construct diversified portfolios. But if you want to focus your attention on other areas of your business, outsource investment management to us by using our  managed portfolios .


Demonstrate the strategy
behind the plan.

You’ve always prioritized the best interests of your clients, and we can help you validate your work with proposals and reports designed to show investors how your advice and their investments work together.


Choose the platform that powers your work.

Practice Management

Connect all aspects of your practice to better serve your clients.

  •  Client web portal
  •  Portfolio analysis
  •  Performance reporting
  •  Account aggregation
  •  Tax-aware rebalancing
  •  Third-party integration
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Proposals and Reports

Market to new clients and keep current ones on track toward their goals.

  •  Hypothetical illustrations
  •  FINRA-reviewed reports
  •  Position-based client reports
  •  Client-ready proposals
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Portfolio Analytics

Bring your investment philosophy into security selection and portfolio creation.

  •  Institutional-level data points
  •  Data-point customization
  •  Real-time market monitoring
  •  Risk analytics
  •  Advanced asset-allocation methodology
  •  Attribution analysis
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We manage the portfolios, so you can focus on clients.

Focus on developing your planning business by delegating portfolio management to the Morningstar Investment Management team. You can choose from our lineup of professionally managed exchange-traded fund, mutual fund, and select equity portfolios, designed to enhance long-term strategies.

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Behavioral Insights for Advisors

Eye on New Money

People who come into money need good advice to turn their money into wealth.

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Goal-Setting for Success

Setting goals is filled with challenges both for advisors and their clients, but doing it right can reap big benefits down the road.

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Volatility Happens

Helping clients through periods of market volatility can cement long-term relationships and keep investors on track to reach their goals.

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