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Target Risk ETFs

These funds of funds offer exposure to all of the main building blocks of a fully diversified portfolio. The managers automatically shift the fund’s allocation gradually over time to become gradually less risky as retirement approaches. (The year in the fund’s name corresponds approximately to the investor’s retirement date.)

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Morningstar Category
Fund Size
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Management Style
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETFHEFAForeign Large Blend3.71 Bil0.350%12Passive
First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETFFVMid-Cap Blend3.11 Bil0.900%215Passive
FT Cboe Vest Fund of Buffer ETFsBUFROptions Trading2.50 Bil1.050%27Active
iShares Core Growth Allocation ETFAORModerate Allocation2.03 Bil0.150%636157Passive
iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETFAOAGlobal Allocation1.76 Bil0.150%2872Passive
iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETFAOMModerately Conservative Allocation1.38 Bil0.150%634640Passive
Main Sector Rotation ETFSECTLarge Blend1.32 Bil0.750%1346Active
Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7 Handl™ ETFHNDLModerately Conservative Allocation908.19 Mil0.960%8736Passive
Vanguard Total Corporate Bond ETFVTCCorporate Bond869.56 Mil0.040%5850Passive
iShares Russell 2500 ETFSMMDSmall Blend827.54 Mil0.150%7534Passive
FT Cboe Vest Fund of Deep Buffer ETFsBUFDOptions Trading726.55 Mil1.050%Active
Vanguard Total World Bond ETFBNDWGlobal Bond-USD Hedged711.70 Mil0.050%6955Passive
Invesco CEF Income Composite ETFPCEFGlobal Allocation676.43 Mil1.990%615117Passive
iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETFAOKModerately Conservative Allocation676.20 Mil0.150%897375Passive
IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETFQAIMultistrategy618.44 Mil0.780%897977Passive
Day Hagan/Ned Davis Rsrch Smrt Sect ETFSSUSLarge Blend601.82 Mil0.790%68Active
SPDR® SSGA US Sector Rotation ETFXLSRLarge Blend389.30 Mil0.700%87Active
Amplify High Income ETFYYYTactical Allocation379.12 Mil2.720%423316Passive
Innovator Laddered Allc Pwr Bfr ETF™BUFFLarge Blend343.16 Mil0.890%88100Passive
Main BuyWrite ETFBUYWDerivative Income334.79 Mil1.310%3050Active
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eurozn ETFHEZUEurope Stock325.41 Mil0.530%48Passive
ALPS Equal Sector Weight ETFEQLLarge Blend325.15 Mil0.260%256362Passive
FT Cboe Vest Fund of Nsdq-100 Bffr ETFsBUFQOptions Trading302.17 Mil1.100%Active
Cabana Target Drawdown 10 ETFTDSCTactical Allocation291.58 Mil0.830%87Active
iShares Interest Rate Hedged Corp Bd ETFLQDHUltrashort Bond266.80 Mil0.240%11Passive
NEOS Enhanced Income CA Alt ETFCSHIUltrashort Bond254.54 Mil0.380%Active
Avantis All Equity Markets ETFAVGEGlobal Large-Stock Blend249.88 Mil0.230%Active
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETFHEWJJapan Stock232.10 Mil0.500%2520Passive
Adaptive Alpha Opportunities ETFAGOXTactical Allocation230.55 Mil1.390%2141Active
VanEck CEF Municipal Income ETFXMPTHigh Yield Muni220.36 Mil1.820%1007140Passive
Fairlead Tactical SectorTACKTactical Allocation206.24 Mil0.760%Active
Pacer Swan SOS Fund of Funds ETFPSFFOptions Trading195.15 Mil0.930%Active
Swan Hedged Equity US Large Cap ETFHEGDOptions Trading193.38 Mil0.830%Active
FlexShares Core Select Bond ETFBNDCIntermediate Core Bond183.13 Mil0.350%7137Active
First Trust Dorsey Wright Intl Foc 5IFVForeign Large Blend183.11 Mil1.060%9696Passive
iShares Currency Hdgd MSCI ACWI exUS ETFHAWXForeign Large Blend182.20 Mil0.350%36Passive
First Trust Dorsey Wright Dynamic Foc 5FVCMid-Cap Blend181.42 Mil0.880%8292Passive
SPDR® SSGA Fixed Inc Sect Rotation ETFFISRIntermediate Core-Plus Bond176.28 Mil0.500%96Active
iShares Interest Rate Hdg Hi Yld Bd ETFHYGHHigh Yield Bond176.04 Mil0.510%116Passive
FT Cboe Vest Buffered Allocation Gr ETFBUFGOptions Trading172.20 Mil1.050%Active
Cambria Global Momentum ETFGMOMTactical Allocation148.42 Mil1.060%1249Active
Saba Closed-End Funds ETFCEFSTactical Allocation143.21 Mil2.420%35Active
FundX ETFXCORLarge Growth139.26 Mil1.390%839498Active
First Trust Dorsey Wright DALI 1 ETFDALITactical Allocation137.26 Mil1.180%2340Passive
Simplify Aggregate Bond ETFAGGHIntermediate Core Bond134.08 Mil0.330%Active
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Em Mkts ETFHEEMDiversified Emerging Mkts130.94 Mil0.690%4340Passive
ClearShares OCIO ETFOCIOModerate Allocation128.22 Mil0.640%4251Active
iShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Inc ETFIYLDGlobal Allocation126.95 Mil0.580%949881Passive
First Trust Low Dur Strat Foc ETFLDSFShort-Term Bond123.23 Mil0.790%53Active
Dimensional World Equity ETFDFAWGlobal Large-Stock Blend119.00 Mil0.250%Active

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