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Small Blend ETFs

Small-blend funds invest in stocks of small companies where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. Stocks in the bottom 10% of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as small cap.

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Morningstar Category
Fund Size
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Management Style
Vanguard Small-Cap ETFVBSmall Blend135.80 Bil0.050%454217Passive
iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETFIJRSmall Blend79.86 Bil0.060%635416Passive
iShares Russell 2000 ETFIWMSmall Blend61.63 Bil0.190%897859Passive
Schwab US Small-Cap ETF™SCHASmall Blend17.02 Bil0.040%756755Passive
SPDR® Portfolio S&P 600 Sm Cap ETFSPSMSmall Blend10.55 Bil0.030%615532Passive
Vanguard Russell 2000 ETFVTWOSmall Blend9.35 Bil0.100%867555Passive
Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETFFNDASmall Blend8.43 Bil0.250%292828Passive
Dimensional US Small Cap ETFDFASSmall Blend8.11 Bil0.260%253230Active
Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 ETFVIOOSmall Blend4.33 Bil0.100%635316Passive
Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid ETFPRFZSmall Blend2.42 Bil0.390%262625Passive
iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Small-Cap ETFESMLSmall Blend1.66 Bil0.170%5740Passive
Nuveen ESG Small-Cap ETFNUSCSmall Blend1.16 Bil0.310%7447Passive
JPMorgan Market Expansion Enh Eq ETFJMEESmall Blend1.11 Bil0.240%12147Active
iShares Russell 2500 ETFSMMDSmall Blend1.11 Bil0.150%5543Passive
iShares U.S. Small-Cap Eq Fac ETFSMLFSmall Blend1.07 Bil0.150%518Passive
First Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX® ETFFYXSmall Blend880.74 Mil0.600%623344Passive
iShares Micro-Cap ETFIWCSmall Blend879.26 Mil0.600%999085Passive
iShares MSCI USA Sm-Cp Min Vol Fctr ETFSMMVSmall Blend788.94 Mil0.200%6097Passive
ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend GrowersSMDVSmall Blend787.40 Mil0.400%5798Passive
ALPS O'Shares US Sm-Cp Qul Div ETFOUSMSmall Blend611.69 Mil0.480%412Passive
Fidelity Enhanced Small Cap ETFFESMSmall Blend579.13 Mil0.280%362933Active
Principal US Small Cap ETFPSCSmall Blend535.82 Mil0.380%3117Active
JPMorgan Divers Ret US Small Cap Eq ETFJPSESmall Blend497.63 Mil0.290%3738Passive
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta® US SmCp Eq ETFGSSCSmall Blend492.36 Mil0.200%4642Passive
JPMorgan BetaBuilders US Sml Cp Eq ETFBBSCSmall Blend490.39 Mil0.090%75Passive
JHancock Multifactor Small Cap ETFJHSCSmall Blend433.73 Mil0.420%2450Passive
Invesco S&P MidCap 400® GARP ETFGRPMSmall Blend424.66 Mil0.350%224Passive
Invesco Russell 2000® Dynamic Mltfct ETFOMFSSmall Blend364.08 Mil0.390%8761Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCap Low Volatility ETFXSLVSmall Blend333.21 Mil0.250%7910091Passive
Fidelity Small-Mid Multifactor ETFFSMDSmall Blend328.56 Mil0.150%922Passive
Opus Small Cap Value Plus ETFOSCVSmall Blend313.51 Mil0.790%3160Active
VictoryShares US Sm Md Cp Val Momt ETFUSVMSmall Blend230.83 Mil0.250%918Passive
iShares Morningstar Small-Cap ETFISCBSmall Blend222.45 Mil0.040%768580Passive
Inspire Small/Mid Cap ETFISMDSmall Blend188.06 Mil0.590%3744Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCp 600 QVM Mlt-fctr ETFQVMSSmall Blend186.70 Mil0.150%Passive
SPDR® SSGA US Small Cap Low Volatil ETFSMLVSmall Blend184.38 Mil0.120%588946Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCap Quality ETFXSHQSmall Blend160.94 Mil0.290%1736Passive
Ballast Small/Mid Cap ETFMGMTSmall Blend142.41 Mil1.100%52Active
Timothy Plan US Small Cap Core ETFTPSCSmall Blend127.50 Mil0.520%27Passive
Harbor Human Capital Factor US Sm CapETFHAPSSmall Blend126.51 Mil0.600%Passive
BNY Mellon US Small Cap Core Equity ETFBKSESmall Blend115.31 Mil0.040%63Passive
ETC 6 Meridian Small Cap Equity ETFSIXSSmall Blend77.55 Mil0.850%69Active
iShares® ESG Screened S&P Small-Cap ETFXJRSmall Blend74.31 Mil0.120%67Passive
VictoryShares US Discv Enh Vol Wtd ETFCSFSmall Blend48.80 Mil0.420%9883Passive
Strive Small-Cap ETFSTXKSmall Blend47.42 Mil0.180%Passive
VictoryShares Small Cap Fr CA Flw ETFSFLOSmall Blend46.58 Mil0.490%Passive
Franklin US Small Cap Mltfctr Idx ETFFLQSSmall Blend35.99 Mil0.350%3252Passive
AlphaMark Actively Managed Small Cap ETFSMCPSmall Blend32.87 Mil0.900%6088Active
Goldman Sachs Small Cap Core Equity ETFGSCSmall Blend32.28 Mil0.750%Active
VictoryShares US Small Cap Vol Wtd ETFCSASmall Blend31.13 Mil0.350%3832Passive

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