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Muni National Intermediate-Term Bond ETFs

Muni national intermediate portfolios invest in bonds issued by various state and local governments to fund public projects. The income from these bonds is generally free from federal taxes. To lower risk, these portfolios spread their assets across many states and sectors. These portfolios have durations of 4.0 to 6.0 years (or average maturities of five to 12 years).

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Morningstar Category
Fund Size
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Management Style
Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond ETFVTEBMuni National Interm30.30 Bil0.050%4621Passive
First Trust Managed Municipal ETFFMBMuni National Interm1.87 Bil0.650%5633Active
PIMCO Intermediate Municipal Bd Actv ETFMUNIMuni National Interm1.24 Bil0.350%322043Active
JPMorgan Municipal ETFJMUBMuni National Interm805.68 Mil0.180%162Active
IQ MacKay Municipal Intermediate ETFMMITMuni National Interm595.24 Mil0.310%254Active
Capital Group Municipal Income ETFCGMUMuni National Interm405.92 Mil0.270%Active
Columbia Multi-Sector Municipal Inc ETFMUSTMuni National Interm380.61 Mil0.230%435Passive
Hartford Municipal Opportunities ETFHMOPMuni National Interm375.89 Mil0.290%279Active
American Century Divers Muncpl Bd ETFTAXFMuni National Interm354.56 Mil0.290%287Active
JPMorgan Sustainable Municipal Inc ETFJMSIMuni National Interm219.88 Mil0.180%757571Active
Schwab Municipal Bond ETFSCMBMuni National Interm214.18 Mil0.030%Passive
Avantis Core Municipal Fixed Inc ETFAVMUMuni National Interm127.91 Mil0.150%Active
PIMCO Muncpl Income Oppos Act Ex-TrdMINOMuni National Interm94.26 Mil0.390%Active
SPDR® Nuveen Municipal Bond ETFMBNDMuni National Interm48.06 Mil0.400%Active
SPDR® Nuveen Municipal Bond ESG ETFMBNEMuni National Interm37.82 Mil0.430%Active
ActivePassive Intermediate Mcpl Bd ETFAPMUMuni National Interm33.00 Mil0.350%Active
ALPS Intermediate Municipal Bond ETFMNBDMuni National Interm30.80 Mil0.500%Active
BlackRock Intermediate Muni Inc Bd ETFINMUMuni National Interm23.22 Mil0.300%Active
Jhancock Dynamic Municipal Bond ETFJHMUMuni National Interm20.77 Mil0.390%Active
Eaton Vance Intermediate Muncpl Inc ETFEVIMMuni National Interm20.66 Mil0.290%Active
Goldman Sachs Community Municipal Bd ETFGMUNMuni National Interm19.83 Mil0.150%Passive
X-Square Municipal Income Tax Free ETFZTAXMuni National Interm3.29 Mil1.100%Active

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