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Commodity ETFs

Funds that invest in commodities, or raw materials such as oil and wheat, mainly through futures contracts.

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Morningstar Category
Fund Size
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Management Style
SPDR® Gold SharesGLDCommodities Focused52.52 Bil0.400%662815Passive
iShares Gold TrustIAUCommodities Focused24.77 Bil0.250%62245Passive
iShares Silver TrustSLVCommodities Focused10.19 Bil0.500%77855Passive
SPDR® Gold MiniSharesGLDMCommodities Focused5.76 Bil0.100%5012Passive
Invesco Optm Yd Dvrs Cdty Stra No K1 ETFPDBCCommodities Broad Basket5.62 Bil0.590%2334Active
First Trust Global Tact Cmdty Strat ETFFTGCCommodities Broad Basket2.69 Bil0.950%3820Active
abrdn Physical Gold Shares ETFSGOLCommodities Focused2.58 Bil0.170%542010Passive
Invesco DB Commodity TrackingDBCCommodities Broad Basket2.18 Bil0.850%203149Passive
United States OilUSOCommodities Focused1.48 Bil0.600%89695Passive
United States Natural GasUNGCommodities Focused1.16 Bil1.060%97100100Passive
iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed TrustGSGCommodities Broad Basket1.15 Bil0.750%58691Passive
abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETFSIVRCommodities Focused1.04 Bil0.300%74445Passive
abrdn Physical PrecMtlBsk Shrs ETFGLTRCommodities Focused936.97 Mil0.600%894030Passive
abrdn Physical Platinum Shares ETFPPLTCommodities Focused909.29 Mil0.600%478890Passive
GraniteShares Gold TrustBARCommodities Focused883.52 Mil0.175%5816Passive
iShares® Gold Trust MicroIAUMCommodities Focused864.63 Mil0.090%Passive
iShares GSCI Cmd Dyn Roll Stgy ETFCOMTCommodities Broad Basket843.13 Mil0.480%2874Passive
abrdn Blmb AllCmdStrK1Fr ETFBCICommodities Broad Basket823.17 Mil0.260%7068Passive
Invesco DB AgricultureDBACommodities Focused819.39 Mil0.850%317065Passive
VanEck Merk Gold TrustOUNZCommodities Focused686.00 Mil0.250%7032Passive
iPath® Bloomberg Cmdty TR ETNDJPCommodities Broad Basket626.84 Mil0.700%Passive
Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETFAAAUCommodities Focused523.93 Mil0.180%6224Passive
KraneShares Global Carbon ETFKRBNCommodities Focused486.52 Mil0.780%27Passive
iShares Bloomberg Roll Sel Brd Cmdty ETFCMDYCommodities Broad Basket312.04 Mil0.280%8358Passive
Credit Suisse X-Lnks Crde OlShrsCvCllETNUSOICommodities Focused305.61 Mil0.850%Passive
Direxion Auspice Broad Cmdty Strat ETFCOMCommodities Broad Basket293.63 Mil0.810%5817Passive
Invesco DB OilDBOCommodities Focused275.70 Mil0.750%205680Passive
Neuberger Berman Commodity Stgy ETFNBCMCommodities Broad Basket274.95 Mil0.650%352839Active
KraneShares California Carbon Allw ETFKCCACommodities Focused263.31 Mil0.780%Passive
abrdn Blmb AllCmdLDSK1Fr ETFBCDCommodities Broad Basket256.31 Mil0.300%4612Passive
abrdn Physical Palladium Shares ETFPALLCommodities Focused231.42 Mil100841Passive
PIMCO Commodity Strategy Act Exc-Trd FdCMDTCommodities Broad Basket205.51 Mil0.640%Active
United States Commodity IndexUSCICommodities Broad Basket195.10 Mil1.070%154332Passive
Teucrium Wheat ETFWEATCommodities Focused193.95 Mil1.000%509295Passive
First Trust Alt Abs Ret Strat ETFFAARCommodities Broad Basket171.92 Mil0.950%9591Active
WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity Stgy FdGCCCommodities Broad Basket171.01 Mil0.550%Active
United States Brent OilBNOCommodities Focused169.93 Mil1.000%45275Passive
Invesco DB Base MetalsDBBCommodities Focused153.00 Mil0.750%357620Passive
ProShares K-1 Free Crude Oil StrategyOILKCommodities Focused137.28 Mil0.710%1292Passive
United States Copper IndexCPERCommodities Focused136.34 Mil0.970%436650Passive
Invesco DB Precious MetalsDBPCommodities Focused135.40 Mil0.750%895240Passive
Credit Suisse X-Links Silver CovCall ETNSLVOCommodities Focused120.47 Mil0.650%Passive
GraniteShares Blmbrg CmdtyBrdStr NoK1ETFCOMBCommodities Broad Basket110.24 Mil0.250%6768Active
Invesco DB EnergyDBECommodities Focused94.65 Mil0.750%246070Passive
Harbor Commodity All-Weather StrategyETFHGERCommodities Broad Basket92.95 Mil0.680%Passive
Teucrium Corn ETFCORNCommodities Focused90.45 Mil1.000%315285Passive
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Cov Call ETNGLDICommodities Focused79.33 Mil0.650%Passive
United States GasolineUGACommodities Focused77.68 Mil0.970%1125Passive
United States 12 Month OilUSLCommodities Focused76.11 Mil0.850%163660Passive
FT Cboe Vest Gold Strategy Trgt Inc ETFIGLDCommodities Focused74.25 Mil0.850%Active

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