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Small Value ETFs

Small-value funds invest in stocks of small companies that are less expensive or growing more slowly than the other small-cap stocks. Stocks in the bottom 10% of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as small cap. Value is defined based on low valuations (low price ratios and high dividend yields) and slow growth (low growth rates for earnings, sales, book value, and cash flow).

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Morningstar Category
Fund Size
Adjusted Expense Ratio
Total Return Rank in Category
3 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
5 Year
Total Return Rank in Category
10 Year
Management Style
Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETFVBRSmall Value25.44 Bil0.070%484613Passive
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETFIWNSmall Value11.38 Bil0.240%928461Passive
Dimensional US Targeted Value ETFDFATSmall Value8.89 Bil0.280%161816Active
Avantis US Small Cap Value ETFAVUVSmall Value7.86 Bil0.250%6Active
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFIJSSmall Value6.68 Bil0.180%696625Passive
Pacer US Small Cap Cash Cows 100 ETFCALFSmall Value5.49 Bil0.590%113Passive
SPDR® S&P 600 Small Cap Value ETFSLYVSmall Value3.71 Bil0.150%666223Passive
Dimensional US Small Cap Value ETFDFSVSmall Value2.20 Bil0.310%Active
First Trust SMID Cp Rising Div Achv ETFSDVYSmall Value2.03 Bil0.600%278Passive
WisdomTree US SmallCap Dividend ETFDESSmall Value1.85 Bil0.380%629258Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Revenue ETFRWJSmall Value1.39 Bil0.390%1554Passive
Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFVIOVSmall Value1.28 Bil0.150%666224Passive
EA Bridgeway Omni Small-Cap Value ETFBSVOSmall Value1.01 Bil0.470%83336Active
Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETFVTWVSmall Value761.34 Mil0.150%908259Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCap Value with Momt ETFXSVMSmall Value649.77 Mil0.360%1073Passive
WisdomTree US SmallCap Earnings ETFEESSmall Value603.72 Mil0.380%606531Passive
Avantis US Small Cap Equity ETFAVSCSmall Value582.01 Mil0.250%Active
iShares Morningstar Small-Cap Value ETFISCVSmall Value385.31 Mil0.060%548163Passive
AAM Bahl & Gaynor Sm/Md Cp Inc Gr ETFSMIGSmall Value358.85 Mil0.600%Active
VictoryShares US SmCp Hi Div Vol Wtd ETFCSBSmall Value332.38 Mil0.350%8454Passive
WisdomTree US SmallCap Qual Div Gr ETFDGRSSmall Value288.55 Mil0.380%734828Passive
Invesco S&P MidCap 400® Pure Value ETFRFVSmall Value273.59 Mil0.350%662Passive
Invesco S&P SmallCap 600® Pure Value ETFRZVSmall Value237.95 Mil0.350%111960Passive
Invesco S&P MidCap Value with Momt ETFXMVMSmall Value182.70 Mil0.390%29126Passive
IQ U.S. Small Cap ETFCSMLSmall Value180.27 Mil0.350%7955Passive
First Trust Small Cap Val AlphaDEX® ETFFYTSmall Value168.08 Mil0.700%472355Passive
First Trust Dow Jones Sel MicroCap ETFFDMSmall Value163.86 Mil0.600%496821Passive
Euclidean Fundamental Value ETFECMLSmall Value157.32 Mil0.950%Active
iShares US Small Cap Value Factor ETFSVALSmall Value86.61 Mil0.200%52Passive
LeaderShares® Activist Leaders® ETFACTVSmall Value85.50 Mil0.750%98Active
Distillate Small/Mid Cash Flow ETFDSMCSmall Value41.90 Mil0.550%Active
Roundhill Acquirers Deep Value ETFDEEPSmall Value37.61 Mil0.800%4899Passive
Hartford Multifactor Small Cap ETFROSCSmall Value36.89 Mil0.340%4044Passive
Royce Quant Small-Cap Quality Value ETFSQLVSmall Value26.89 Mil0.600%2930Active
Invesco S&P SmallCap Hi Div Low Vol ETFXSHDSmall Value22.49 Mil0.300%100100Passive
JPMorgan Active Small Cap Value ETFJPSVSmall Value11.36 Mil0.740%Active
Brandes U.S. Small-Mid Cap Value ETFBSMCSmall Value0.700%Active

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