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Your 2023 Portfolio Checkup

How to position your investments in the new year after a challenging 2022.

Last year was a rough one for investors, as rising interest rates and high inflation knocked both stocks and bonds for a loop. The 60% equity/40% bond portfolio, the oft-cited simple diversification model for maximizing risk-adjusted returns, posted double-digit losses for the year. Moreover, many other widely held asset classes—international stocks and real estate among them—lost money last year, too. The bright spots in 2022: Gold was about flat, cash eked out positive returns, and commodities soared.

Given such across-the-board losses among the major asset classes, is the concept of diversification dead? And if it is, how in the world should investors think about their portfolios in 2023?

One bad year in the markets is no reason to throw in the towel on the concept of diversification.

“I like to think of diversification as an insurance policy,” says Morningstar portfolio strategist Amy Arnott. “It’s something that you have in case something goes wrong, and it doesn’t always pay off. It’s something that you have to pay for. And in some years, there may be only a small benefit, like there was [in 2022], but even if it’s a small benefit, it’s better than nothing. So, I think, diversification is still a sound strategy and something that people should aim for when they’re putting together their portfolios.”

Now is therefore a good time to revisit your portfolio’s diversification, as part of a broader tuneup for 2023. What else should investors consider when conducting an annual portfolio review? Confirming that you’re on track to meet your goals and determining whether your liquid reserves are sufficient are places to start, says Morningstar director of personal finance and retirement planning Christine Benz.

A Year-End Portfolio Review in 7 Easy Steps

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Top 6 Portfolio Moves for 2023

While the market environment remains uncertain, there are a few key changes worth considering, says Morningstar’s Amy Arnott.

In this special report, we’ve pulled together some best practices when conducting portfolio review—including how to align your asset mix to your goals and how to really diversify your holdings. We also cover strategies for simplifying your portfolio in the new year and, for opportunity-seekers, ideas for how to tilt your portfolio in 2023.

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