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Weekly Wrap: The 2020 Market Crash, Dividend-Paying Stock Picks, and More

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

My three juniors in high school (yes, you read that right, there are three of them) didn't spend last summer doing any of the things they expected to do. Like hanging out with friends at Six Flags. Visiting colleges they might want to attend. Going to band camp. Getting their first jobs.

No, the Dziubinski triplets spent the pandemic summer of 2020 hunkered down at home. They decided to use some of their spare time to get a jump on the next school year by taking their required Consumer Education class online.

In just a few short weeks, my kids got a crash course about the economy, taxes, banking, budgeting, credit, retirement accounts, and many other money matters. They were lucky--not because they had to spend the summer cooped up with their parents, but because they were introduced to important money matters in high school. According to a recent study, only 21 states require high school students to take a course integrating personal finance content.

Financial education is an important part of what we do at Morningstar, and April is Financial Literacy Month. We're therefore publishing a lot of educational content this month spanning a variety of money matters. We talk about how to get started investing and the difference between mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. We explain how various retirement vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs work. We walk through how to set goals and build an emergency fund. We map out strategies for saving for college, covering healthcare costs, and planning for retirement.

Check out our Financial Literacy Guide–-you may find a topic that you're not as in-the-know about as you could be. And consider passing a link to the guide along to anyone you know who might benefit from its contents: friends, kids, colleagues--even your favorite high school students.

--Susan Dziubinski

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Manager Question of the Month: How Active Fund Managers Cope With Index Concentration Managers from T. Rowe Price, Wellington, American Century, and others discuss the trade-offs.

Stocks Climate Change Creates Immediate Opportunity in Salt Compass Minerals will benefit from higher prices and lower costs.

2 Favorite Dividend Stocks Among Top Managers Comcast and Bank of America possess wide economic moats.

2 Wide-Moat Stocks to Buy on a Dip and ServiceNow are looking increasingly attractive.

What We Expect for the Automotive Industry After COVID-19 A look at the automakers and suppliers that are best positioned to benefit from the industry's recovery.

Stock Analyst Updates Microsoft Bolsters Healthcare Offerings With Nuance We are maintaining our fair value estimate after Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nuance Communications, a leader in conversational artificial intelligence.

J&J's COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Rare Events,Now Paused We expect the pause to be temporary because of the rarity of the adverse events--six cases among the more than 6.8 million doses administered in the U.S.

Fee Income Continues Strong Growth for JPMorgan We are increasing our fair value estimate for the wide-moat bank after an excellent first quarter.

Wells Fargo Releases Reserves in Q1 We're maintaining our fair value estimate of $52 per share.

Solid Quarter for BlackRock, Boosting Our FVE Annualized organic AUM growth of 6.8% was well above our long-term target of 3%-5% annually for the wide-moat company.

Schwab Benefits From High Trading Activity in Q1 We don't plan on making a change to the wide-moat company's fair value estimate.

Pepsi Keeps Up Impressive Streak We think shares are overvalued but would be buyers on a pullback.

Better Revenue Outlook, Reserve Releases Help Citigroup We're increasing our fair value estimate to $76 per share from $74.

Spin-Off Will Benefit Dell and VMWare We're maintaining our fair value estimates for both firms.

Rekenthaler Report The Misplaced Attack on Index Funds Sheep, sloths, and gorillas.

Three Takeaways From the Archegos Disaster Drawing public lessons from a private fund's problems.

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Commentary Financial Security of American Households During the Pandemic How different groups' household finances fared--and what we can do to improve.

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