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Weekly Wrap: 21 Undervalued Stocks, 7 Defensive Funds, and Portfolio Tweaks for Uncertain Times

And a new installment of Dividend-Stock Deep Dive.

Undervalued Stocks Aplenty

The stock market took investors on a wild ride this week, with more ups and downs than Cedar Point Amusement Park. The market briefly entered correction territory early in the week, as investors wrestled with changing expectations about what the Federal Reserve would do and when. (Read our equity research team's take on this week's Fed meeting.) But Morningstar markets editor Tom Lauricella reminded us that the longer-term economic and interest-rate outlooks are good. Tom called the pullback in stocks "an overdue reset by an overvalued market."

For those with the right constitution, volatility provides opportunity--and we shared lots of opportunities this week, at least 21, if my math is right. Six newly undervalued wide-moat stocks. Eleven cheap mega-cap stocks. And four bloodied but high-quality tech stocks .

Funds for Playing Defense

There's nothing like a little market choppiness to make one ask, "Does my portfolio need to be more defensive?" Of course, the answer to that question is, like most investing matters, personal. It depends on your goals, the size of your portfolio, and your risk tolerance. Morningstar director of manager research Russ Kinnel shared four defensive fund ideas a few weeks ago, and Morningstar director of global ETF research Ben Johnson chimed in with three more defensive ideas this week. The combined list is quite a hodgepodge that includes a couple of tried-and-true balanced funds, a durable dividend-stock fund, a portfolio stuffed with Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, a multi-asset inflation hedge, a low-volatility strategy, and even a municipal-bond fund. The variety of ideas only proves that "defense" can mean different things to different investors.

Should You Tweak Your Portfolio?

Whether you're looking to take advantage of market downturns or wondering if your portfolio is defensive enough--or you're somewhere in between--be sure to watch my colleague Christine Benz's webcast, Tune Up Your Portfolio in Uncertain Times. In this free (yes, I kid you not, it's free) hour-long webcast, Christine walks viewers through a nine-step process for reviewing your portfolio in light of current market conditions and your personal goals. Those who would prefer the CliffsNotes edition can check out Christine's slides.

Stock of the Week: Microsoft

Tech stocks have really taken it on the chin in 2022, with the Morningstar U.S. Technology Index down 14% as of this writing. Why the tech-stock drubbing? Thank slowing economic growth and rising-interest-rate fears, says Morningstar chief U.S. market strategist Dave Sekera. "A significant part of the value of technology stocks is their future earnings profile, and as investors lower their growth expectations and/or discount those future earnings at a higher rate, the present value for these stocks falls further and faster than the broader market," he explained. No surprise: Microsoft MSFT has been hit hard this year. Morningstar likes the stock, even raising our fair value estimate to $352 from $345 this week. The wide-moat firm reported solid results, suggesting digital transformation-led demand remains intact, says senior analyst Dan Romanoff. Guidance was good, too. "Microsoft remains impressive in its ability to drive both growth and margins at scale and we think there is more to come on both fronts," Dan says. As of this writing, the stock trades about 16% below our fair value estimate.

New Dividend-Stock Deep Dive: Picks for 2022

Our new video segment, Dividend-Stock Deep Dive, provides income seekers with a thorough look at a new dividend topic every month. In our newest installment, host David Harrell talked with Dave Sekera about his expectations for dividend growth this year, whether dividend stocks can outperform the broader market, and what rising interest rates may mean for dividend payers. They also dug into a few dividend stocks that Dave likes, including one idea that might strike some dividend seekers as controversial: AT&T T. Watch the new segment to find out what's to like there.

--Susan Dziubinski

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