The Investor Success Project

New research from Morningstar on how to help investors

Looking Beyond the Markets

The financial-services industry spends a lot of time discussing financial products, but this is just a small part of the picture for investors. We want to look beyond the markets and focus on the tremendous potential for people to become investors and for current investors to meet and exceed their goals.

A Focus on Investor Success

Starting in 2018, the Morningstar Investor Success Project will roll out new research on investors—who they are, what their goals are, and how the advisors and asset managers that serve them can make the most impact in helping them reach those goals.

Transparent Results

We don’t know what we’ll find, but we do know that every bit of data that we uncover can move the industry toward a future that emphasizes investors’ front-and-center role in the markets and helps them succeed.

Start Quote Mark Morningstar is a champion of investors—in addition to our industry leading data and research on investments, The Investor Success Project aims to help investors overcome the obstacles they face to their success. End Quote Mark

Steve Wendel
Head of Behavioral Science
Morningstar, Inc.

See the Research

The True Faces of Sustainable Investing

Our latest research suggests it’s time to rethink the industry narrative around sustainable investing.

The Value of Advice

Our research suggests that there's a difference between what investors value from their advisors and what advisors believe investors value.

Mining for Goals

Behavioral biases can cause investors to overlook important financial goals. How can we help investors identify goals that are relevant for the long term?

New Lessons About 529s

How can American families borrow less and still pay for college? We look at education savings accounts as a way to do exactly that.

It's Time to Redefine 'Investor'

It’s time to take a different look at investors and discuss how common investor stereotypes aren't that helpful.

The Retirement Mirage

While plans to delay retirement look good on paper, they often don't match reality.

Easing the Retirement Crisis

Our new research analyzes eight changes individuals and their advisors can make to build a better financial future.

Expensive Choice

Human instincts can trip up investors when they're building a portfolio. But the financial-services industry can help by taking a page from Costco.

Bridging the Investing Gap

While the government has deployed the tools at its disposal to encourage millions to save and invest, these tools aren’t well-designed to help millions more Americans.

The Comparison Trap

“Keeping up with the Joneses“ can really harm our financial well-being, but comparing ourselves to others is just human nature. What can we do?

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