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Evolving Investor Insights
Essential Takeaways to Build a Modern Advisory Practice

While the fundamentals of investing haven’t changed, how people invest has. Explore our educational resources on new investment types, growing investment platforms, and shifting client priorities to grow your practice and deepen current relationships.

Featured Report

Voice of the Advisor

Four Opportunities to Elevate the Advisor-Client Relationship through Personalization

Take action on opportunities to deepen relationships with clients and attract new prospects, compare your client engagement strategy with your peers, and benchmark your business model against the strengths and weaknesses that are common for your firm type. In this report, we’ll explore:

  • How important is personalization to investors?
  • What do investors mean when they ask for personalization?
  • How are advisors’ practices evolving in response?

Respond to the Investor Mindset in Real Time

The market is changing minute-to-minute in step with rapid technological innovation and emerging client expectations. Embrace their mindset to tailor your advice to their attitudes and behaviors.


5 Things Advisors Need to Know about the Evolving Investor

27% of investors ranked “finding the best financial advisor to meet my unique investing need” as their #1 investment strategy. Explore the mindset and challenges of today’s investors to build trust with all types of clients. Get the guide →

Blog Post

Profile of the Crypto Investor

About 60% of investors with assets in cryptocurrency work with financial advisors. Build trust with crypto investors by understanding their mindset. Understand the Alternatives Mindset →


Future-Proofing Your Business: The Next Generation of Advice

What does the next generation of investors want from financial planning? Informal meeting settings. Virtual conversations. And above all – relatability. Learn how advisors can reach new investors with guests Chanelle Pattinson and Ollie Smith. Listen on your commute →

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