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Climate investing solutions to help you make complex decisions with confidence

The climate crisis and regulatory developments are pressing investors across the globe to develop and validate net-zero strategies, monitor their progress, and report on their exposure to climate-related risks. Morningstar’s end-to-end climate solutions help investors navigate and address the investment implications of climate change.

Morningstar’s climate solutions support the entire investment process

Partnering with Morningstar enables investors to navigate an increasingly complex environment with end-to-end climate solutions –from managing climate risk to meeting regulatory requirements.

Measure & Manage
Aggregate climate data at the portfolio, fund, and index level to enable advanced analytics or implement an index solution to define a net-zero strategy.

Develop Policy
Access research, thought leadership, and peer networks and integrate science-based climate metrics to create and implement climate-based strategies.

Communicate & Comply
Incorporate Morningstar data or import your own into dynamic, customizable reporting solutions to fulfill regulatory requirements, communicate with stakeholders, and report against net-zero commitments.

Put strategy into action through Thematic Stewardship Programs and scale engagement across developed and emerging markets on key climate themes.

Featured solution

A unique, forward-looking evaluation of a company’s alignment to a net-zero pathway

Morningstar Sustainalytics’ Low Carbon Transition Rating produces a comprehensive assessment of a company’s current alignment to a net-zero pathway. The rating looks beyond historical emissions and stated net-zero commitments by leveraging a two-dimensional framework to measure a company’s exposure from their expected emissions while also accounting for management actions.

Morningstar offers an all-encompassing suite of climate solutions which cover:

Morningstar Covers Every Angle of Sustainable Investing


Years of ESG industry experience


Climate Solutions team dedicated to investors


ESG Research team


Global Institutional clients


ESG indexes


Funds covered with ESG Rating

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Managing Risk for a Changing Climate:

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We’re committed to sustainability

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