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Retirement Insights

Safe retirement withdrawal rates are among the most difficult problems to solve in financial planning. The conventional 4% withdrawal rate might not apply anymore as the number of variables and unknowns increase. Every retirement strategy requires some trade-offs. Financial advisors can help investors weigh their options and customize a plan for their unique goals.

If you’re looking for an appropriate investment solution for an employee retirement plan, consider doing an independent glide path analysis. Morningstar’s analytics engine can process employee data and overlay it with an investment solution to determine if it’s a fit. Being able to visualize the data is a unique way for employers to get a bigger picture of their employees’ retirement needs.

Target-date strategies often serve as the default investment option in many American defined-contribution retirement plans. Sometimes investors are keen to combine target-date funds with other investment options. Doing so can potentially diminish the benefit of the target-date fund, though. Naïve diversification is another problem to watch out for. Some investments can expose investors to costly fees. Plan sponsors can make selection easier by excluding pricier alternatives.

Most employees need help planning for retirement. Morningstar Retirement Manager makes things easier for both plan sponsors and retirement savers.

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