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Funds Insights

Market turmoil and global events have shaken up the funds industry in recent years. With all the data available, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of daily market ups and downs. Asset and wealth managers need a way to see through short-term fluctuations to make informed decisions.

Stay on top of industry news with Morningstar commentary.

Morningstar tracks trillions of assets in long-term mutual funds and ETFs worldwide. From short reads to comprehensive guides, our investing experts break down major market themes. Monitor trends as they emerge and discover actionable insights.

Morningstar experts use portfolio analysis software to map fund flows, or the movement of cash into and out of investment vehicles. With a big-picture perspective, you can track investor preferences over time. Do investors want to move money into mutual funds or exchange-traded funds? Value stocks or growth stocks? Actively managed funds or passively managed funds?

Asset managers can evaluate the competition with reliable funds data. Watch which funds are growing and which competitors are attracting the largest inflows. You can use trusted research to refine your investment strategy and find new opportunities.

With Morningstar insights, financial advisors can take the temperature of the funds landscape and answer frequently asked questions from clients. Look beyond tired tropes about investor behavior with current research on asset flows. You’ll be able to assess investor sentiments about different asset classes, sectors, and the overall economy.

Let’s dive in.