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Morningstar Wealth for Primerica Advisors

Envision Deeper Relationships

We can help you bring clients’ goals into perspective. Morningstar Wealth provides professional guidance and access to model portfolios that can help investors reach their financial goals.

4 Ways We Can Help Build Your Practice

Think of us as an extension of your practice. Our team of sales professionals is committed to helping you understand how our strategies can be used effectively. Click here to find your regional representative, or click the button below to provide your contact information, and we'll set up a meeting.

Available to Primerica Advisors

ETF Asset Allocation Series

These portfolios are designed to provide broad diversification and progressive risk management using domestic and international ETFs. Our approach starts with Morningstar’s distinctive, independent research, and from there, we review cost, risk, and other characteristics to select a mix of high conviction investments.

Portfolio Snapshot
ETF Asset Allocation Fact Sheets
ETF Commentary

Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Series

Rooted in Morningstar's research and our consistent investment approach, our Asset Allocation portfolios are carefully designed as a long-term core holding. This series aims for broad diversification, using active management and active mutual funds, to help provide progressive risk management across five portfolios.

Portfolio Snapshot
Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Fact Sheets
Mutual Fund Commentary

Retirement Income Series

Retirement isn’t just a destination, it’s a journey. An outcome-based investment approach may provide a smoother ride through retirement, in part by helping clients stay invested despite market bumps. This series follows a targeted, endowment-like approach to help support the shift from accumulating assets to spending them.

Portfolio Snapshot
Retirement Income Fact Sheets
Retirement Income Commentary

Market Education and Insights

Morningstar Wealth strives to empower investor success by helping advisors and their clients discuss the investment environment, uncover long-term opportunities, and understand the benefits of staying invested.

We can help bring focus and scale to your practice.

By relying on us for investment management, you can find more time to reach new prospects and strengthen client relationships long-term.