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As governments and private companies focus on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, the energy sector faces a period of protracted uncertainty. Investors are responding, both to carbon risks and climate opportunities.

Investing in
Climate Tech

Some governments are wavering in the journey to net-zero emissions. But the financial markets continue to do their job. Investors seeking opportunities in emerging climate technology can find them in the venture capital market.

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Does Nuclear Power Belong in a
Clean Energy Portfolio?

As the path to a clean energy future becomes more uncertain, governments are warming to nuclear power again. Investors who oppose the industry can exclude companies involved in it from their portfolios.

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Targeting Big Oil’s
Scope 3 Emissions

Most oil and gas industry carbon emissions come from the downstream use of their products. U.S. firms have resisted demands to set targets for these emissions. Why is shareholder support for target setting now weakening?

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Research & Data

Explore our data visualization tool to assess risk, performance, and impact across a global landscape of energy funds.

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