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Water is becoming scarcer: Its use is growing, and pollution and climate change are stressing water systems. Investors must balance emerging risks, opportunities, and the potential to drive positive impact.

Neglecting the Risk of
Water Scarcity

Water scarcity poses a bigger short-term danger to some industries than carbon risk. Yet investors have paid comparatively little attention to it. How should they think about measuring water risk?

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How Do You Capture
the Value of Water?

Water is becoming increasingly scarce. Do water funds do a good job of capturing its value?
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The Impact of Water Management

The prudent management of water is increasingly important to the health of cities and communities, economies, and natural ecosystems. How can investors understand the impact of their activities on better water management?

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Research & Data

Explore our data visualization tool to assess risk, performance, and impact across a global landscape of water funds.

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