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Aging populations and emerging health threats are straining healthcare delivery and adding to pressure on costs. Investors are using data to help increase access to healthcare and uncover emerging opportunities.

Improving Access to Vaccines

COVID-19 has shown that global vaccination is required to combat pandemics. Yet vaccination rates in low-income countries are far lower than in rich countries. Activists are targeting drug industry policies, with mixed success.

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Understanding the ESG Risks in
Drug Pricing

Americans pay twice as much for their drugs as patients in most developed countries. Insurers, employers, and voters want to rein in costs. How can investors manage the risk that the price of drugs may not always reflect their effectiveness.

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The Opportunities of
Digital Health

The consumerization of healthcare is accelerating, bringing digital technologies to care delivery, diagnostics, and wellness. Investors seeking opportunities in emerging health technology can find them in the venture capital market.

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Research & Data

Explore our data visualization tool to assess risk, performance, and impact across a global landscape of health funds.

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