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Morningstar Investor: What’s New

New Updates to Watchlists, Screener, and Portfolios

Get more from Investor with expanded data points, saved screens, and portfolio enhancements.

While the dog days of summer wind down, the Morningstar Investor team has amped up the Investor experience with a slew of new upgrades to help you make decisions with more speed, ease, and insight.

Test drive hundreds of expanded data points

You asked and we answered: We've expanded the number of data points available in Watchlists, Screeners, and Portfolios. These additional metrics––such as price/fair value, uncertainty, and EBITDA for stocks and return rank in category, beta, and standard deviation for funds and ETFs––can provide powerful context as you evaluate investments, monitor your portfolio, and work towards achieving your investment goals.

Adding new data points to a Screener view in Morningstar Investor

For Investor subscribers who started as Premium users, these data points cover the vast majority of what was historically used in legacy Portfolio Manager and Premium Screeners, with even more releasing over the coming months.

The expanded data points are all available in the “Data and Columns” section of Watchlists, Screener, and Portfolios. Take them for a spin today.

Keep track of screening preferences and criteria with saved screens

You can now save your preferred data and columns in Screener and access those results anytime. Whenever you start a new screen in Investor, it will automatically save as soon as you start filtering, adding data points, or sorting columns. Even if you navigate away from your screen, any changes made during your most recent screening session will be reflected.

As with custom views, you can name your screens and add as many as you like.

Renaming new screen in Morningstar Investor

A note for former Premium subscribers: Saved Premium screeners cannot be migrated at this time. Many of your preferred data points are available in Investor, so you can quickly recreate your previous saved screens.

Monitor what matters with new features for Portfolios

New enhancements to Portfolios in Morningstar Investor

We’ve launched three enhancements to Portfolios to help you find information faster and make better decisions about your holdings.

  • Duplicate portfolio: You can now create theoretical versions of your portfolios to see how changes might impact performance without authorizing any transactions or making any actual updates to your holdings. Duplicate portfolios can be excluded from your total holdings to truly keep your changes hypothetical. You can also duplicate portfolios to isolate different aspects of your holdings and track them separately, such as a spouse’s retirement account.

  • Portfolio sorting: You can now organize your portfolios in the way that works for you. Change the order of your portfolios with nimble drag-and-drop functionality, use one of our quick sorts, or keep the default view, which lists portfolios in the order they were created.

  • Preview holdings: Instantly know what’s inside your portfolios without opening them. You can access this preview on the “All Holdings” page in Portfolios via the Action menu next to each portfolio.

For more details about these new features, visit our Help Center.

It’s been a busy summer here at Morningstar, and it’s all in service of making Investor better. We’re excited for you to try out all the new features and make the most of your subscription.

Happy investing,

The Morningstar Investor team

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