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Morningstar Investor: What’s New

Introducing Morningstar Investor

The successor to Morningstar Premium helps investors like you navigate the noise.

It’s daunting for most people to manage the minutiae of building savings and wealth. There’s a lot to account for—whether the goal is a comfortable retirement, a fully funded education, ongoing support for family or friends, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The details matter.

And let’s not forget about taxes, inflation, unexpected healthcare costs, job changes, financial account paperwork, investment costs, and the distraction of investment fads. The time it takes to create a plan, monitor investments, and make big financial decisions can be hard to carve out.

The information needed to navigate this journey varies wildly in quality, lacks clarity, and can be difficult to act on. Investing tools also vary in their accessibility, quality, and incentives.

As a result, many people use professional advisors to navigate their finances and investments. But not all households can, or want, to use advisors. And those with advisors still need resources to help them validate the advice they are getting. It’s no surprise that, according to the Federal Reserve, only 40% of nonretirees thought their retirement savings were on track.

At Morningstar, we have always been committed to helping investors like you navigate the noise and act on your investment goals. And as things get more complex and more people become investors, that commitment grows stronger.

And that’s exactly why we built Morningstar Investor.

Investor, which we are releasing today, is the successor to Morningstar Premium. It combines Morningstar’s data, content, and research with redesigned tools to help investors holistically manage their investments, discover and evaluate investment ideas, and track the markets.

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All investors—regardless of age, investing knowledge, net worth, gender, or race—need an advocate in their corner. They need information, data, and tools to help build investment plans and portfolios that support their personal goals for the long term. Most critically, they need to trust that the tools they use to better their financial lives are rooted in empowering investor success.

That is what Morningstar Investor is all about. And we are just getting started.

Let us know what you love about Investor and what you think we should improve. Please watch for continued enhancements over the coming months. And read more about Investor’s new features, including a personalized homepage, account aggregation, and our rebuilt investment screener.

Adley Bowden, Head of Individual Investor