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How Vanguard Aims to Improve Customer Service

The popular asset manager is responding to long-standing customer complaints.

Vanguard Works to Improve Customer Service

Susan Dziubinski: Alec, I attended the Bogleheads Conference here in Chicago last fall, and attendees were expressing their frustration with Vanguard’s customer service. Can you tell us a little bit of about what’s been going on there and what Vanguard has been doing to improve on this front?

Alec Lucas: Customer service complaints have always been sort of a feature of Vanguard’s history. If you go back to the days when Bogle led the firm—this is a point that I made at that conference—there were lots of complaints over the years about Vanguard’s customer service. I like to compare Vanguard to, say, those of you who shop at Aldi. If you go to Aldi, you have your quarter, you get your grocery cart, you bring your own bags, or you put it in boxes. I would say Vanguard has got more customer service ethos than that, but it is something where it’s not necessarily been known for high-touch customer service. And it is trying to become a leader in customer service and to really improve its technological offer.

So, what Vanguard is trying to do is, because it has experienced over the course of its history and continues even in this first quarter, experienced such asset growth, it’s trying to enable investors to do as much as they can as simply as they can online, so without talking to a human advisor. And they’ve really made investments in technology. They’ve modernized their technology platform, and they’ve seen increased resiliency and increased customer service scores.

The big snafu they made in 2020 was—this is Vanguard, they’re always thinking about investor assets and costs and trying to save money on behalf of investors—so, in 2020, when the market turned down, they stepped back and they looked and they saw that historically when the market falls, client communications fall off a cliff. So, they actually slowed their hiring of customer service representatives right at a time when—in fact, what happened, with the lowering of interest rates, is that investor demand shot up, and that caused, I think, significant wait times and lots of frustration. They have normalized that, and I think are committed to being a little bit more, call it, I don’t know if cautious is the right word, but they’re going to be more prone to overspend I think on what they expect they will need to try and improve customer service. In talking with Vanguard leadership, they feel like they’ve heard that and they’re trying to become known for best-in-class customer service. That is a goal of theirs, and they say they’ve made progress in that. It remains to be seen. We hear a lot of comments from that here at Morningstar. But the big thing always to keep in mind is that Vanguard serves a lot of customers. So, you’d expect that some of them would be frustrated. And I’ve heard both success stories and stories of frustration, and we’ll see if the stories of frustration are minimized over the coming years.

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