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View the status of complaints, Investor Charter and Disclosure Document for Morningstar Investment Adviser India Private Limited. In compliance with the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020, we offer investors the option of investing with us directly.

Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosTM

Professionally managed portfolios designed to help investors stay on track
to reach their financial goals.

Valuation-Driven Portfolios from Morningstar

Morningstar® creates its own forward-looking views for different global asset classes. Using these Morningstar® delivers professional portfolio management services titled 'Managed Portfolios' which help investors meet their financial goals. Our Investment management and support teams are ready to keep you up-to-date on our latest thinking.

Latest Investment Insights

Our investment management and support teams are ready to keep you
up-to-date on our latest thinking.


Filtering out the market noise.

Backed by an institutional investment team, we hold a distinct view on valuations across all asset classes—to go beyond market noise. Our patient approach to discretionary fund management helps investors take advantage of true opportunities.


Access to deep resources and insights.

From idea generation to risk management, our investment professionals construct detailed investment strategies, harnessing the depth of Morningstar’s experience.


A meticulous search
for value.

We believe that an investment’s performance is heavily influenced by its manager. We use our extensive data, global research and face-to-face interviews to find fund managers who are able to contribute to the goals of each portfolio.


Advisor Brochure

Discretionary portfolios built with investors' diverse needs in mind.

Active Bifold

Core strategies designed to capture the strengths of active management.

Investor Brochure

Professionally managed investments to help investors achieve their financial goals.

Our Multi-Asset Mutual Fund Portfolios

Our Multi-Asset Mutual fund portfolios are backed by our Global Investment Insights and Portfolio construction methodologies. Globally we manage USD 265 billion AUM under management and advisement, which reflects the trust thousands of financial market participants have placed in the Morningstar brand.

As on 30th June 2022


  • Multi-asset portfolios
  • Valuation driven asset allocation
  • Available through financial advisers

    A Dedicated Support Team

    Our discretionary fund management team provides all-round support, including a dedicated service team for questions, quarterly updated performance information, and Investor-ready communications.

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