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Sustainability Policies & Reports Center

Transparency in our work to build sustainable business 

practices is integral to our mission at Morningstar. We deliver regular
reports on progress and maintain policies that hold ourselves
accountable to this commitment.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Our commitment to sustainability shapes efforts across the firm relating to human rights, our environmental impact, and governance practices. Along with our annual corporate sustainability report, we report in line with the SASB standards to provide comparable performance metrics across our industry, and to help investors understand our progress.

Climate Reporting

Morningstar’s approach to minimizing our environmental impact involves disclosure and action. Our climate-related reporting demonstrates our commitment to transparency and clarity in our decarbonization strategy.

Regulatory Reporting

Morningstar adheres to sustainability reporting requirements in the regions in which we operate. These regulatory reports ensure transparency and accountability in our sustainability progress.

United Nations Reporting

Morningstar supports global agreements pertaining to our business operations, our products, and our impact on people, communities, and the environment. Through our UN Global Compact and UN PRI partnerships, we commit to ensuring a sustainable business for our stakeholders and communities. We deliver regular reporting on progress towards this commitment. See our latest UNPRI Report.