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Fund Spy: Morningstar Medalist Edition

Seeking Value Among Large-Cap Medalists

Morningstar's price/fair value measure points to few undervalued options among the best U.S. large-cap funds.

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Even though they’ve pulled back recently, U.S. large-cap stocks may not seem like fertile grounds for bargain-hunters after three straight years of double-digit gains. In fact, Morningstar’s analysis confirms the suspicion that values are scarce for large-cap fund investors.

Morningstar's stock analysts have developed a measure of fair value, using a proprietary discounted cash flow model to assess the more than 1,200 mostly large-cap names they cover. A stock with a price/fair value ratio greater than 1.0 is considered overvalued. By the end of 2013’s speculative rally, the median stock had a price/fair value ratio of 1.06. It remained overvalued through much of 2014, though it dipped down to 1.0 by December. As of April 1, it was back up to 1.02.

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