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Morningstar Moments: 3 Things You May Have Missed

Robinhood's IPO, Carl Richards' return to The Long View, and John Rekenthaler's latest column are the big topics this week.

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about.  

1) Robinhood Goes Public

Since launching in 2015, Robinhood has made waves in fintech as both an innovator and a disruptor. So why is the trading platform making the news again? Robinhood is going public, and our analysts predict a volatile start. Margaret Giles tells investors what they can expect from the company’s debut.  

2) Carl Richards Clues Us In On "Real" Financial Advice

The Sketch Guy, Carl Richards, returned to The Long View to talk about financial advice and how to find the right advisor. One of the first clues he recommends looking out for is this: Are they listening? Hear his full discussion with Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak to find out more.  

3) Who, or What, Plays a Role in America's Wealth Disparity

John Rekenthaler dives deep to find an answer to one of society and finance’s biggest questions: why do the rich keep getting richer? It goes beyond wage gaps. John highlights the role capitalization of the U.S. stock market has played in this story.  

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