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Deliver Impactful Advice at Scale

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Experience the platform’s full power with a 20-minute demo. We’ll explore how you can validate your recommendations with Morningstar research on traditional and alternative assets.

Deliver great advice for the next generation of investors. With Morningstar Advisor Workstation, you’ll have access to insights on every corner of the market, from traditional assets to alternative assets like cryptocurrency, annuities, structured products, and more.

A Research Experience to Meet the Evolving Investor​

Education and Thought Leadership
Stay up-to-date on the latest investment trends in today’s evolving market. Our resources cover everything from alternative investment basics to advanced portfolio diversification.

Hyper-Relevant Data Points
Discover data on over 600,000 offerings across managed products, equities, indexes, and more. You can cover the whole portfolio and personalize at scale—beyond the traditional model.

Actionable Research
Deliver exceptional value to your clients when you personalize investment plans to their goals and risk tolerance. With clear, client-centric reports, you can build long-lasting relationships.

Included in the Advisor Workstation Research Experience

Morningstar Annuity Intelligence
Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of annuities with a smart comparison research tool. Using FINRA-reviewed reports, you can educate clients about annuities with proper disclosures. Learn More

Structured Products
Luma’s comprehensive product details are now in Advisor Workstation. You can analyze, manage, and allocate structured products as part of a complete portfolio.

Digital Asset Education
Master blockchain and cryptocurrency with MeetAmi. Learn about fundamentals such as custody and liquidity in the ever-growing decentralized finance world.

Direct Compass
Unlock transparent research with unparalleled coverage. With independent insights, you can select investments for client criteria, monitor performance, and inform your advice.
Learn More

Medalist Ratings™
Managed investment products are growing fast around the world at 11% per year. Morningstar’s single ratings system uses the best of our qualitative and quantitative insights for timely, effective rating.

Easily navigate the growing and complex world of Structured Products

Known as the "jack of all trades, master of none", structured products are have grown dramatically since 2020 according to Morningstar Research. Learn how to help your clients wade thorugh the complex world of structured products and how Morningstar's simple framework can help classify these assets relative to the rest of their portfolios.


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