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Address Client Focused Reforms With Morningstar Solutions

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See how our CFR solutions can help:

Empower advisors to evaluate and compare a reasonable range of alternatives with the Due Diligence Module in Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Image of investment assessment in the Morningstar due dililgence module.
Screen product shelf for a reasonable range of alternatives
Image of investment comparison in the Morningstar due diligence module.
Select suitable investments with a built-in audit-trail to demonstrate suitability requirements have been addressed

Build and maintain a competitive product shelf that is easily distributed to financial advisors

Screenshot of performance reporting in Morningstar Direct.
Create and monitor your product shelf effectively using performance reporting in Morningstar Direct
Screenshot of chart from the Morningstar Global Risk Model in Morningstar Direct.
Identify an investment’s true sources of risk using factors from our forward-looking analysis in Morningstar Direct’s Global Risk Model
Three charts from the Morningstar Manager Research Services process to monitor, enhance and manage product shelf research.
Address conflicts of interest and improve product selection, review, and monitoring with an independent process from Morningstar Manager Research Services

Enable advisors to easily score a portfolio’s risk to demonstrate that it is a suitable fit for their clients

Bell chart from Morningstar Risk Profiler showing a risk tolerance score.
Ensure risk tolerance questionnaires meet CFR guidelines and enable advisors to easily document investor risk capacity and risk tolerance, with Morningstar Risk Profiler

Image of an investment performance report, showing the Morningstar Portfolio Risk Score.
Build a portfolio that fits your client’s risk profile with the new Portfolio Risk Score in Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Your partner for industry-tested, regulator-ready compliance

Icon with figure and three checkmarks to indicate know-your-product.
Know Your Product (KYP)
Simplify firm and advisor investment research, due diligence, and decisioning with a comprehensive approach to KYP.
Icon with figure and one checkmark on screen to indicate know-your-client.
Know Your Client (KYC)
Help advisors capture investor risk capacity and risk tolerance, making it easy to create a portfolio to fit their needs and goals.
Icon with three figures and upward market graph.
Empower advisors to bring together KYP and KYC insights into a single solution, making it easy to determine and document portfolio suitability.
Icon that shows a circle, with two  arrows pointing left and right.
Conflicts of Interest
Address Conflict of Interest with independent 3rd party product shelf evaluation and due diligence.

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