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Morningstar Markets Observer: Q2 2024

The birth of a US market expansion signals the possibility of future growth

Equity markets continued to rally into 2024, and now, after fully recovering, the US market is starting to expand. What effect will this have on stock performance and returns? And, how will this affect other asset classes across the financial landscape?

Our research gives the latest pulse on the markets, with in-depth analysis in the following topics: 

  • Equity markets 

  • Fixed income markets 

  • Funds 

  • Economic indicators 

Our Q2 2024 Markets Observer highlights the latest market data, macroeconomics, and investment insights across both global and domestic markets. 

Get the report now to make sure your clients can reap the benefits of timely market trends and forecasts. 

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What's Inside

  • Performance of developed and emerging equity and fixed-income markets 
  • How the relationship between bond markets and interest rates affect bond returns 

  • Which factors are impacting the economy and their potential market implications 

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