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Morningstar Moments: What You Missed at MIC

Here are the highlights from our annual investment conference.

1) Bitcoin on the Brain

With more investors wanting to explore the world of cryptocurrency, how can advisors best guide their clients? That's what Tyrone Ross, co-founder and CEO of Onramp Invest, joined Ben Johnson to discuss. He covered how advisors should educate, help, and look out for their curious investors.

2) Setting Sail to Find New Investment Opportunities

Instead of focusing on U.S. large-cap stocks, Research Affiliates' Rob Arnott takes an alternative route to investing and goes abroad. He explored the possibilities that lie in emerging markets with Jeff Ptak before he took the stage at MIC to debate strategies with Cathie Wood of Ark Invest.

3) Enjoy Your Retirement-Savings Cake in Moderation

How much of your retirement savings will you actually need? Here's the thing ... you don't know. Retirement researcher Michael Finke puts it best: If you cut too much of your retirement cake too early, there won't be much left later on. He shared some tips on how to enjoy retirement responsibly with Christine Benz.

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