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How Does Use Automation?

A look at how we’re bringing you more timely insights about the financial markets, at scale.

At Morningstar, we’re always striving to connect people with the investing data, information, and tools they need.

We have realized that there is a desire from readers to see more data-driven articles to help better monitor the markets, evaluate investments, and track the investing landscape.

That’s why our writers and editors have started publishing expanded market insights and analysis with the help of automation.

Our automated content comes from templates written by journalists that adjust and update based on predetermined data inputs. This helps us bring timely information to our global readers at greater scale and frequency. These automated articles are in addition to the real-time updates on the Markets hub that I mentioned in 2023.

Here are some key questions and details about our editorial automation process.

What is automated content, and how does it work on

Morningstar’s editorial team uses Morningstar Direct’s Analytics Lab and Automated Insights to produce timely content based on Morningstar data or government data, like the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which we’d cite in the story.

Are humans involved at all?

Short answer: Yes. Morningstar editors and journalists create and update text templates for the automated content based on specific datasets. Humans also review and fact-check all automated articles before they’re published.

Why is Morningstar using automation?

Automation is a tool that allows us to deliver relevant information to our global readers more efficiently. For instance, when new inflation data is released each month, automation helps us share a summary within minutes rather than hours.

Where do automated articles appear?

You can find automated content in articles on, across our international sites, and in markets-focused text widgets. For instance, we’ve used it in articles related to top- and bottom-performing ETFs, best- and worst-performing stocks for the month, and top-performing dividend stocks, among others.

Can I trust that Morningstar’s automated content is accurate?

Morningstar holds automated articles to the same high standards as all of our written content. Text templates and data feeds are tested rigorously before any content is made available to our audience. All automated articles are fact-checked by human journalists and reviewed by editors before publishing.

How do I know if content is automated?

Automated articles created by the editorial team include a disclosure toward the bottom of the page.

Is automation the same thing as AI?

No. Right now, Morningstar editorial’s automated content is entirely set up by humans—not artificial intelligence or large language models.

What if I still have questions?’s approach to automation may evolve. For questions, comments, or to suggest corrections, you can email me at

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