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The Future of Corporate Sustainability

Tuesday, October 11, 2022


9:30 Attendee Check-In

10:00 Welcome and Introductions
Gabriel Presler - Morningstar

10:10 Opening Remarks
Kunal Kapoor - Morningstar
Nelson Griggs - Nasdaq

10:30 Landscape Review: What to Watch
In this session, we set the stage for the day: We explore key trends facing corporate sustainability professionals today. We cover emerging regulations, aligning standards, the increasing power of stakeholders, and the changing role of corporate sustainability officers.

Tim Mohin - ESG Advisor

11:15 Break

11:30 Ready for Pressure: Stakeholders and Engagement
Explore the major avenues of demand for sustainability action at corporations, how firms engage with shareholders and stakeholders on these issues, what role the Board plays, and how to optimize processes for visibility.

Sarah Bush - Morningstar
John Hoeppner - LGIM America
Jackie Cook - Sustainalytics
Mike Stiller - Nasdaq
Greg Schmidt - Nasdaq (Moderator)

12:15 Impact Frontiers: Changing Expectations
In this session, we drill into the changing expectations that firms face from employees, Boards, and the public when it comes to social issues. We talk about how firms can make and measure impact and what roles corporate sustainability officers are (and aren’t) playing in this area.

Laura Coy - William Blair
John Oxtoby - Ariel Investments
Kimberly Evans - Northern Trust
Debbie Kobak - Arabella Advisors
Laura Lutton - Sustainalytics (Moderator)

1:15 Lunch in the Morningstar Cafe

2:00 The First Wave: Climate, Transition Planning, and Net Zero
In this session, we explore how financial services companies are grappling with climate change and environmental impact. We explore the opportunities and risks of making public commitments to climate transition management. We discuss emerging tools for impact reduction; we dig into the future of Net Zero and the potential and peril of offsetting.

Patrick Flynn- Salesforce
Michael Greenstone - Climate Vault
Natali Ganfer - Moody's
Vikram Puppala - Sustainalytics
Karen Weigert - Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise & Responsibility (Moderator)

3:00 Regulation and Reporting
Regulation is fast-moving and, in the US, it’s politically vulnerable. What can global firms do to manage emerging regulatory demands in different jurisdictions? How are global firms getting ready for disclosure requirements? Where are we focused on minimum disclosure and where is the value of boundary-pushing transparency?

Jordan Knights- ISSB
Amma Anaman - Nasdaq
Jamie Ezefili - Northern Trust

Charity Driggs - Morningstar

Gabriel Presler - Morningstar (Moderator)

4:00 Happy Hour at the Morningstar Cafe & Patio


Kunal Kapoor
Nelson Griggs
Tim Mohin
ESG Advisor
John Hoeppner
LGIM America
Head of US Stewardship and Sustainable Investments
Sarah Bush
Director of Investor Relations
Laura Lutton
Risk Pillar Lead, Director of Product Management
Kimberly Evans
Northern Trust
EVP and Head of Corporate Sustainability, Inclusion and Social Impact
John Oxtoby
Ariel Investments
SVP and Director of ESG Investing
Debbie Kobak
Arabella Advisors
Managing Director
Karen Weigert
Loyola University, Chicago
Director, Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise & Responsibility
Natali Ganfer
Senior Vice President, Sustainability
Gabriel Presler
Global Head of Enterprise Sustainability
Amma Anaman
Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, US Listings and Structured Products
Charity Driggs
Senior Sustainability Product Manager and Reporting Program Manager