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Navigate the Landscape of Sustainable Investing

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors increasingly become part of investing conversations, there’s an influx of new information. While new investor frontiers don’t show up with maps, that’s where Morningstar can help.

Explore your Investable World

For every investor, today's strategies require new combinations of data. Illuminate everyday topics like water scarcity and climate with our visualization tool, which assesses risk, impact, and performance across a global landscape of over 700 thematic funds. It's your world. Are you invested?

ESG Investing Approaches

Connecting investor objectives with investment decisions requires more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. We help you cut through the complexity without sacrificing the nuanced motivations that make investing so personal. Our foundational sustainable investing framework outlines the various paths investors can take to act on their sustainability objectives. And because sustainability objectives sit on a spectrum, from avoiding negative outcomes to advancing positive ones, our set of approaches is exhaustive and flexible enough to fit into any investing process.

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ESG Reporting

Learn how you can distill the complexities of ESG into clean and clear visuals with Morningstar’s reporting services.

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Suitability Risk of Sovereign Holdings

With its newest enhancement, the Morningstar Sustainability Rating is incorporating the ESG Risk of sovereign holdings in a fund. Now, users can break down the Globe Rating and better understand the ESG risk of diversified portfolios in a nuanced way.


EU Action Plan Solutions

The European Commission has adopted a 10-point action plan, which aims to leverage financial markets in order to address sustainability challenges. Learn what the EU Action Plan means for investors, advisers, and asset managers.

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