Managed portfolio services

 for the modern adviser.


Valuation-Driven Portfolios for Advisers

Using Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosTM, you can deliver professional portfolio management and tools to investors that help them stay on track to meet their goals. Our investment management and support teams are ready to keep you up-to-date on our latest thinking.

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Filtering out the
market noise.

Backed by an institutional investment team, we hold a distinct view on valuations across all asset classes—to go beyond market chatter. Our patient approach to discretionary fund management helps investors take advantage of true opportunities.


Access to deep resources
and insights.

From idea generation to risk management, our global investment professionals construct detailed investment strategies, harnessing the depth of Morningstar’s experience.


A meticulous search
for value.

Our core philosophy is simple: We look for investments that are selling for less than what we think they’re worth. And we are always looking for value you can pass on to the investor.


Get the Latest Insights for Advisers

The cover of whitepaper about discretionary fund management

Recommending Discretionary

How you and your clients may benefit from using managed portfolio services.

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Managed Portfolio Service- Retirement Income Whitepaper

Retirement Income

Learn which income strategies you should consider for retiring clients.

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Discretionary Fund Management- Behavioural Insights Whitepaper Cover

Behavioural Insights

Use our guide to help investors overcome behavioural obstacles.

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Our Multi-Asset Portfolios

Available on a range of different platforms and accompanied by global investment insights and portfolio updates, you’ll always know how your clients’ investments are doing and what’s behind the decisions we are making on your behalf.




Managed Portfolio Service- Active Portfolios


  •  Multi-asset portfolios
  •  Total return objective
  •  Blends active/passive funds
  •  Available on 14 platforms
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Discretionary Fund Management- Passive Funds


  •  Portfolios built using passive funds
  •  Total return objective
  •  Low cost
  •  Available on 14 platforms
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Managed Portfolio Services- Income oriented portfolios


  •  Income oriented portfolios
  •  A focus on sustainable income
  •  Blends active/passive funds
  •  Available on 14 platforms
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Discretionary Fund Management- Real Return

Real Return

  •  Portfolios built to deliver returns above inflation
  •  Designed to meet a range of investment goals
  •  Unconstrained asset allocation
  •  Available on the Standard Life and Transact platforms
  • Learn more about the Real Return Portfolios
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  •  Growth and income options
  •  Blend of passive and high conviction active funds
  •  Low cost with cap on ongoing charges
  •  Available on the AVIVA platform
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A Dedicated Support Team

Our discretionary fund management team provides the support advisers need to focus on clients, including a dedicated service team for questions, quarterly updated performance information, and client-ready communications.



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