Morningstar® International Portfolios

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Our Multi Asset Solution—accessible only through advisers and trustees—invests in a range of non-UK situs holdings. The aim of these portfolios is to help grow wealth by investing where, and when, it makes sense to do so. The portfolios are built for international investors wanting:

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International Focus

The portfolios cater to an international client base seeking investment solutions which are accessible across different jurisdictions.



The portfolios are available in both USD and GBP denomination.


Sound Risk Management

The portfolios are risk-rated where risk is defined as “a permanent loss of capital that can’t be recovered in the investor’s timeframe”.

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Cost Efficiency

Cost control is a key consideration in the construction of these portfolios; low fees enable investors to maximise returns.

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Why invest in the portfolios?

The portfolios are built for growth and tax efficiency*, holding assets only that are non-UK situs whilst leveraging Morningstar’s international footprint and heritage of manager and fund ratings and selection. We use a blended approach to maximise reward for risk, using both active and passive investment vehicles to access areas of high conviction.

*Indicative asset allocations included for illustrative purposes only.

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How are the portfolios managed?

Whilst minimising costs is a core principle, our focus is on creating a diversified portfolio of quality investments bought at attractive prices. This is done by undertaking comprehensive research to understand the fundamental drivers behind each opportunity. We only invest where reward is worth the risk and seek out assets which are currently overlooked by other investors.

A bar chart comparing asset allocations in five categories; Cautious, Moderately Cautious, Moderate, Moderately Adventurous, and Adventurous. All categories include a mix of equity, fixed income, and cash/cash equivalents allocations. Cautious contains mostly fixed-income, whereas Adventurous is made up almost entirely of equities. Indicative asset allocations included for illustrative purposes only.

What are the portfolios invested in?

The portfolios are comprised primarily in passive funds, but will also have exposure to active funds if there is the potential for added value within the fee structure. The portfolio invests across a range of asset classes such as equities, fixed interest, and cash—where and when it makes sense to do so.

Unlock the power of Morningstar Inc.’s Data and Research within Morningstar International Portfolios.

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Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd has arrangements with our parent company, Morningstar Inc. providing access to their global database, one of the largest and highest quality in the world, and analysts’ ratings and research reports. Access to leading data and research, further informs the fund selection process we use in our International Portfolios.

The 12-Step Process to Building a Great Multi-Asset Fund

How do we build investment solutions? All multi-asset funds and portfolios overseen by Morningstar Investment Management are underpinned by a consistent framework, providing dependability of approach.

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Morningstar® International Portfolios

Our International Portfolios are built to empower investor success in each stage of their lifetime–whether they’re just starting out or in retirement. Download the USD info sheet and GBP info sheet for more information.

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