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U.S. Sustainable Funds Face Outflows in 2023

Despite facing challenges such as lagging returns and political scrutiny, sustainable funds experienced continued growth on the back of market appreciation, with assets reaching $323 billion by year-end.

Product development slowed as fewer sustainable funds launched compared to previous years, with active management remaining popular. This edition of the report emphasizes increasing popularity of ESG investing, the significance of sector allocation in fund performance, and the ongoing regulatory developments shaping the industry.

Morningstar’s annual report examines U.S. sustainable fund inflows and performance. With specific fund flows data, asset managers can assess the competition and find pockets of opportunity.

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What's Inside

  • Analyze U.S. sustainable fund flows by asset class.
  • Compare ESG fund flows and performance to U.S. category peers.
  • Identify the funds with the largest inflows and outflows in 2023.
  • Examine patterns in ESG fund launches and success rates.

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