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Sustainability Matters

4 Reasons Sustainable Investing Is Entering the Mainstream

This year’s Morningstar Investment Conference highlighted four trends that are moving the industry to consider sustainability when building portfolios.

When the likes of Josh Brown, Jack Bogle, and Larry Fink all discuss the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance investing, as they did at the recent Morningstar Investment Conference, it's an indication that sustainable investing has entered the investment mainstream.

On a panel about industry disruption, prominent advisor/blogger Brown commented that ESG is here to stay, not a passing fad. Bogle noted that passive managers, like Vanguard, have a key role to play as large corporate shareholders by demanding better ESG information from companies, and Fink, who has BlackRock's corporate engagement efforts already directed toward ESG issues, noted that growing interest among investors is spurring his firm to grow its sustainable investing platform.