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Morningstar Moments: Shareholders Push Back and the DOL Proposes a New ESG Rule

Make sure you download Morningstar's Active/Passive Barometer Report.

1) Shareholders Speak Up

More and more shareholders are taking action to be heard. BlackRock, which has been under fire for regularly voting with management on shareholder proposals, recently gave its big investors the floor when it comes to shareholder proposals. Shareholders at Facebook, a company no stranger to scrutiny, are silenced by CEO and board chair Mark Zuckerberg’s ability to veto their votes. Now, Tesla’s shareholders are pushing back, too.

2) A Step in the Right (and Greener) Direction

The Department of Labor’s new proposal will break down the barriers the Trump administration put on retirement plans that support environmental, social, and governance considerations. We expect it to be finalized by early 2022.

outlines everything this proposal would do (and undo from Trump’s previous rule) for investors.

3) Download Morningstar's Active/Passive Barometer Report

Morningstar’s semiannual Active/Passive Barometer report is here! What were some of the highlights? We don’t want to give it all away, but expect to see how much the coronavirus sell-off and rebound put active funds to the test. Take a closer look for yourself with


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