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Active vs Passive Investment Management Barometer Report

Understand the differences between active and passive investment strategies

One way to measure the effectiveness of active investing is to compare its performance against passive investing. When comparing the two strategies during the first half of 2023, active strategies outperformed their average passive counterparts over the previous 12 months. In fact, 57% of active strategies have proven their ability to generate higher returns. 


Discover the latest findings on active and passive investing trends in our comprehensive research. Our semiannual Active/Passive Barometer report provides valuable insights for your practice. 

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Active vs Passive Investment Management Barometer Report

What's Inside:

  • Gain a better grasp on the odds of success with active funds in different categories. 
  • Help your clients determine which investing strategy is the right one for them. 
  • Learn the potential payouts and penalties when picking active fund managers.

The choice between an active or passive investment strategy is a personal one, with unique advantages and disadvantages. Our research helps advisors to guide their clients around incorporating elements of both into their portfolios. Download your copy today. 

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