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Sustainable Investing

Morningstar Moments: Defending ESG and Proposing One 401(k) Plan

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1) FYI: ESG Is More Than Just a “Feel Good” Topic

jumped into a conversation on Twitter to explain how ESG isn’t just about feeling good--it does good, too. Investing in funds and companies with high ESG Commitment Levels that prioritize environmental, social, and governance issues makes an impact that goes beyond your portfolio.

Do you still need some convincing? Take the word of John Rekenthaler, Kris Inton, and

at Morningstar.

2) One Too Many 401(k) Plans

We have all heard that less is more. And when it comes to 401(k) plans,

argues that one is all we need. Why? There are so many options following a common structure. With a single national plan all companies can access, John writes that both employers and their employees would save a lot of time and money.

3) Mark Your Calendars for MIC

kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 22. This hybrid event offers attendants the option to tune in digitally or in person to hear discussions from ARK Investment Management’s founder Cathie Wood, Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates, Morningstar contributor and 2050 Wealth Partners cofounder

, and more. Sign up and learn more


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