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Morningstar Moments: 5G Makes Its Debut

Here is the latest on stock and fund returns.

5G Stocks

The benefits of 5G technology go beyond your cellphone and Internet speed. The technology also contributes to major developments for the future. Are you trying to get your piece of the digital infrastructure pie while it's hot? Check out these names.

Lagging Funds

History tends to repeat itself. In 2020, 18 funds gained 100% or more in their performance. Typically, this is followed by a year of struggle. As

expected, that is exactly what happened. He documents this pattern and compares fund returns.

Return Forecast

Vanguard, BlackRock, and many other firms are anticipating U.S. equity returns to be much lower than the 16% annualized return that the S&P 500 reported over the past 10 years. On the other hand, firms are expecting value stocks to deliver better results and higher returns from non-U.S. stocks.

sums up our predictions.

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