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Morningstar Moments: How History Makes You a Better Investor

Our analysts also discussed saving for retirement and solar power stocks.

1) Follow the History, Not the Trends

Renaissance man and Cambria Investment Management co-founder Meb Faber shared how investing started out as his hobby and became his career on The Long View podcast this week. As he crossed over from the biotech and engineering universe to finance, there was always an influence over him: history.

2) Can You Afford to Quit 'The Game'?

Most of the stress and confusion that comes with retirement centers around one question: Do I have enough? Millions of dollars is not the only way to get some peace of mind. The key, Christine Benz writes, is to make sure your portfolio supports your spending rate.

3) Wait for Solar Stocks to Cool Off

Morningstar is heating up with the addition of these clean energy stocks under our coverage: Enphase Energy ENPH, SolarEdge Technologies SEDG, Shoals Technologies SHLS, and First Solar FSLR. Solar power is a hot area right now. We hate to rain on the parade, but it comes at a price (prices that are well above our fair value).

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