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Retirement services that help people invest for the future.

We’re making retirement a reality.

We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality and independent investment services to help them reach their goals. Through our products, services, and research, we aim to address the needs of everyone in the retirement industry—from retirement savers trying to meet their goals to institutional investors growing their retirement businesses and everyone in-between.

Products and Research

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Advisor Managed Accounts


Advisor managed accounts allows a registered investment adviser to incorporate their asset allocation and fund-selection capabilities into the managed accounts program and digital advice platform created by Morningstar Investment Management LLC.

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Fiduciary Services


Receiving fiduciary support can help alleviate a retirement plan’s legal risk and assist in supporting the plan participants’ best interests. Plus, the plan may be able to gain fiduciary support without entirely changing their existing lineup.

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Managed Accounts


Our managed accounts offering helps individuals save, invest, and plan for retirement. The platform offers real-time personalized advice on things like how much to save, when to take Social Security, and how to withdraw from their account once they retire.

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The Morningstar Center for Retirement & Policy Studies


Through research, the Morningstar Center for Retirement & Policy Studies’ mission is to provide those who can change and modernize the retirement industry with the information and data they need to help them make better decisions.

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Personal Target-Date Fund Services


Personal target-date fund services are an evolution of traditional target-date offerings in that they maintain the simplicity of traditional TDFs, while offering an increasingly personalized strategy for participants, providing a better way to achieve their personal retirement goals.


Morningstar® Plan AdvantageSM


Morningstar® Plan AdvantageSM is an online platform that helps financial advisors build and manage retirement plans and prospect new business. The platform also provides metrics and reports to help the advisor build stronger customer relationships.

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Target-Date Products


The Morningstar® Lifetime Index FundsSM are three series of custom target-date collective investment trusts designed to track the Morningstar® Lifetime Allocation IndexesSM. These custom target-date models overcome many of the limitations of off-the-shelf target-date funds.

Latest Research

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About Morningstar Investment Management LLC’s Retirement Solutions Group

Our parent company, Morningstar, Inc., was founded on the simple idea that when people have good investment information, they can make better choices that help them achieve their financial goals. In the retirement solutions group at Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. and a registered investment adviser, our advocacy for the individual investor extends to the workplace retirement market where the responsibility for investing and saving now rests with employees. Our products and services—which range from a managed accounts service to target-date products to custom models and fiduciary services—are not only designed to help people save for the retirement they want, but to help them make their money last once they get there.

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