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Gain access to research from one of the largest teams of independent analysts in the world. Get daily coverage of the investment research and fund evaluations that are most relevant to your work.

Morningstar Research Portal for Advisors

Get notifications when analysts publish reports on the funds you follow.
Read the latest commentary and research for financial professionals about investing trends.
Dive into data on performance and portfolio strategy, available only in Morningstar OfficeSM Cloud.
Get our view on the regulatory and technology changes reshaping financial advice.

Morningstar Research Portal for Wealth Managers and Asset Managers

Find in-depth portfolio strategy and investment research exclusive to Morningstar Direct.SM
Set alerts for the latest investment research on the funds in your lineup (and your competitors, too).
Get full details on shifts in asset flows, fund performance, and fund fees.
Stay current on important industry trends, such as sustainable investing and strategic beta.

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Get Morningstar Research Portal through Morningstar OfficeSM and Morningstar Direct.SM

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