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Weekly Wrap: Market Volatility, the Election, and Your Portfolio

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks Smart Coping Strategies for Volatile Markets Here's some advice for those tempted to tinker with their portfolios during times of market turbulence. The 2020 Election & Your Money Our take on the economic and investment implications of this year's election. What the Undecided Election Means For Investors A discussion of taxes, stimulus, regulation, and the likely market reaction as we get results. How to Conduct Your Own Portfolio Makeover Follow these eight steps to an improved, streamlined, and more tax-efficient portfolio. We Still Expect a Strong U.S. Economic Recovery Neither the U.S. election outcome nor the coronavirus third wave will derail it. 2 Undervalued FAANG Stocks We've recently updated our fair value estimates on four of the five names.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz 7 Items Your Estate Plan May Have Left Out If your goal is to look out for your loved ones, consider tackling these estate-planning additional jobs. Whither the Bucket Portfolios in a Low-Yield World? Three adjustments can reduce the opportunity cost of buckets 1 and 2.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds Has 'Moral Hazard' Been Fueling the Corporate Bond Market? Record issuance and more defaults may warrant a rethink of high-yield exposure. Bond ETF Assets Pass $1 Trillion in October This has been a seminal year for fixed-income ETFs. 3 Good Funds Having a Great Year These Morningstar Medalists' returns are near the top of their respective categories in 2020. Among the Best Bond Funds Gold-rated Dodge & Cox Income's relatively patient and at-times contrarian approach has rewarded investors. A Mid-Cap Multifactor ETF With Broad Reach This Silver-rated fund earns its stripes through its thoughtful factor pursuit and strong diversification. Significant Fund Upgrades and Downgrades A year after Morningstar introduced its enhanced fund rating methodology, a look at some of the effects.

Stocks What Could a Democratic Clean Sweep Mean for Policy, Taxes, and the Economy? Macroeconomic impact will likely be muted, and the boost in taxes and spending won't be unprecedented. How Could the Election Impact U.S. Equities? In the event of a Biden win, aftertax earnings could take a hit from higher corporate taxes. Don't Make Rash Decisions Due to Election Uncertainty Regardless of who wins, long-term investors should remain focused on the economic recovery. DuPont Is Materially Undervalued We don't think the market appreciates the company's long-term earnings power. Should You Buy Tesla? The electric car pioneer is ramping up production. Here's what we think it's worth.

Stock Analyst Updates Which Healthcare Policy Scenarios Remain Possible With the U.S. election results still uncertain, all the possible scenarios for healthcare policy changes remain on the table. Uber, Lyft Drivers Remain as Contractors California voters approved Proposition 22, which allows Uber and Lyft to categorize drivers as contractors. Which Stocks Will Benefit from Cannabis' Landslide Win? Every ballot measure was approved. No Surprises From FOMC's November Meeting We forecast that interest rates will stay near zero through 2024.

Rekenthaler Report 3 Lessons About Stock Funds, From the Coronavirus Crisis Something old, something new, and something out of the blue. Can Warren Buffett Forecast the Stock Market? Yes he can, and perhaps accurately.

The Long View Podcast Tim Maurer: Personal Finance Is More Personal Than It Is Finance The financial advisor and author discusses his views on financial life planning, the future of financial advice, and saving for higher education. The Short Answer Newsworthy Stocks Aren't Always Great Investments We examine the value of some popular companies.

Tabulating Results Past Election Night Is Normal All the votes need to be counted, and it's not unusual for different batches of ballots to suggest very different potential outcomes that can influence short-term sentiment.

Commentary Don't Try to Time Elections Resist the urge to let predictions affect your portfolio.

Women: Is The Economy Becoming More Inclusive? The data on financial knowledge, job opportunities, and cultural changes in companies paints a different picture from what marketing campaigns show. And the coronavirus is taking us backwards. These Stocks and Sectors Are Stuck in the Swamp We looked at companies who spent the most money in political contributions. A Blank Check for Electric Vehicles? What's electrifying the romance between SPACs and cleantech? This Is Your Brain on Uncertainty How to keep your (investment) cool when the future remains unclear. Freaking Out? Before You Sell, Answer These Questions Here are some key things to consider when thinking through investment decisions. How Should Baby Bonds Be Invested? Baby bonds have enormous promise, yet implementation challenges are no reason to give up. A Quarterly Market Review in 6 Charts: Third Quarter 2020 Morningstar's third-quarter 2020 market commentary covers U.S. economic recovery, reducing ties with China, and more.

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