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Weekly Wrap: The Best Values in Utilities, IRA Mistakes, and Market Mania

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks

Utilities Have Rarely Been This Attractive We see the best values in high-quality gas utilities. My 2020 Investment Lesson: The Peril of Overconfidence A little learning is a dangerous thing. 9 Wide-Moat Stocks of Tomorrow These narrow-moat firms have positive moat trends and are run by exemplary stewards of capital. 20 IRA Mistakes to Avoid From contributions to conversions to distributions, don't fall into these traps. Fidelity Contrafund Continues to Impress The behemoth's merits are substantial. What to Do When the Market Is Manic Why doing a whole lot of nothing might be the ultimate contrarian approach.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz

4 Strategies for an Organized Tax Season Has tax season become a frustrating paper chase? These tactics can buy you some relief. Your 2021 Tax Fact Sheet and Calendar Bookmark this guide to stay abreast of the tax-related dates and data that should be on your radar this year. What You Can Learn From Your 1099 Forms These forms can yield valuable information about your portfolio's asset allocation and tax efficiency. A Tax-Efficient Portfolio Makeover May Be Less Painful Than You Think Proper accounting of cost basis is essential to avoid paying more taxes than you need to. How to Avoid IRA 'Pain Points' Small steps to avoid the "procrastination penalty" can make a big difference in your eventual return.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds

What Top Fund Managers Bought and Sold As 2020 screeched to a close, financials stocks were popular. 1 Year After the Market Crash, Through the ETF Lens The growth and adoption of exchange-traded funds has only accelerated as a result of the latest market crisis. Bitcoin Could Spread to More Fixed-Income Funds It's most likely to appear in more-aggressive strategies, so mind your manager's approach. 3 Target-Date Series for an IRA Here's why target-date funds can be excellent choices for an IRA. 2 Active ETFs We Like A look at the active ETF landscape along with some pros and cons.


When Will the U.S. Economy Recover? The U.S. economic recovery paused at the end of 2020, but it will soon be ready for liftoff. Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 High-Conviction Purchases Several managers see value in technology and financial services.

Stock Analyst Updates

Macy's Outperformed Low Expectations in Q4 We plan to modestly increase our fair value estimate. Home Depot's Growth Contingent on COVID-19 Behaviors We plan to increase our $210 fair value estimate but still see shares as rich. Tesla's FVE Increase Still Leaves the Stock Overvalued We believe the stock trades on the option value of what it may look like years from now rather than on fundamentals and free cash flow generation. Airbnb Outperforms in 2020, Positioned Well for 2021 As vaccines continue to be distributed, we expect travel demand to rebound strongly in the second half of 2021, with Airbnb's full-year 2021 revPAR returning close to 2019 levels. Good Quarter for Salesforce; FVE up to $265 Wide-moat reported solid fiscal fourth-quarter results, including upside to both revenue and non-GAAP earnings per share expectations. We are raising our fair value estimate to $265 per share from $253, based on rolling our forecast and the solid near-term results and guidance. Recovery Begins for AB InBev in Q4; FVE Lowered We are lowering our fair value estimate of AB InBev to $90 per ADR from $96 to account for the likelihood of extended margin pressure in 2021. Nvidia Continues to Enjoy Stellar Growth; FVE to $400 Nvidia reported impressive fourth-quarter results with revenue ahead of management's guidance.

Rekenthaler Report

ARK Funds: The Tail That Wags the Dog? The popularity of the company's funds raises a tricky question.

Advisor Insights

Prepping Clients for COVID-19 Tax Season Here's how to address upcoming taxes for a variety of client situations. A New Manager Selection Process for Increased Diversity The current asset-manager evaluation process only exacerbates existing inequities in financial services.

The Long View Podcast Russ Kinnel: Where Active Funds Work and Where They Clearly Don't How the fund industry has changed, whether ETFs will rule the roost, and the perils of fund-company mergers. Hamish Douglass: On the Hunt for Super-Compounding Stocks The uber-successful manager of Magellan Global Equity discusses the firm's unusual origin story, China, and how to build a cohesive world-stock portfolio. Hamish Douglass: 'The Best Long-Term Investments Are Often Hiding in Plain Sight' The co-founder, chairman, and CIO of Magellan Financial on "duration arbitrage" and how he's built his flagship global-equity portfolio.

Sustainability Matters

U.S. Sustainable Funds Continued to Break Records in 2020 More funds, more flows, and impressive returns define the U.S. sustainable landscape.


What Will it Take to Close the Gender Pay Gap for Good? The numbers are improving slightly, but it won't be possible without mandatory disclosure. Inside ARK Innovation's Big Stakes in Small Companies This popular ETF stands apart from its peers with unusually large ownership of many stocks in its compact portfolio. How Effective Would Baby Bonds Be as Monthly Payments? It depends on how the money is used.

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