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How to Give to Charity and Save on Taxes

Tax-savvy charitable giving strategies involving donor-advised funds, appreciated stock, IRA donations, and more.

Charitable giving

It’s the season of giving. And donating to charity is invariably on many investors’ to-do lists this time of year. It’s rewarding to help the people, communities, and causes that matter to us.

But giving can have tax benefits, too.

“Charitable strategies involving investments have the potential to deliver greater tax benefits than making plain-vanilla cash contributions,” says Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz.

There are many tax-savvy ways to give, including taking advantage of qualified charitable distributions, donating appreciated stock, and investing in donor-advised funds.

Here’s a roundup of some of Morningstar’s recent charitable giving content to get you started.

Year-End Charitable Giving Strategies

Tax- and retirement-planning expert Ed Slott delves into qualified charitable distributions and donating appreciated stock.

3 Tax-Friendly Charitable Giving Strategies for Retirees

Consider IRA donations, gifting appreciated stock, and bunching your charitable donations before filing your taxes.

A New Way to Achieve Charitable Goals While Saving on Taxes

Michael Kitces explains how to roll over a Legacy IRA to a charitable gift annuity.

Comparing Popular Donor-Advised Funds

The Pros and Cons of Donor-Advised Funds

Donors benefit from an immediate tax deduction, tax-free growth, and investment flexibility.

How Fidelity’s Charitable Gift Fund Stacks Up

Examining the administrative fees and underlying investment options for the biggest donor-advised fund in the U.S.

Looking Under the Hood: Schwab Charitable Fund

We unpack the fees and investment choices of America’s second-largest donor-advised fund.

Our Take on Vanguard’s Charitable Endowment Program

It’s arguably the best donor-advised fund affiliated with an asset-management firm for donors who plan to maintain higher account balances.

How to Use Donor-Advised Funds to Support Sustainable Investment Goals

DAFs can be useful to support both charitable giving and clients’ values.

How to Build a Charitable Giving Strategy into Your Financial Plan

Afraid to Give Your Money Away?

Author Mike Piper shares his thoughts on barriers to giving when you have enough.

How to Create and Implement a Charitable Giving Plan

Charitable giving can cut across all aspects of financial planning. Here’s how advisors can support clients’ giving goals.

Why You Should Consider Direct Giving

This type of charitable contribution carries a high impact.

How to Help Loved Ones Financially

Lending a hand without breaking your bank.

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