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This Open Primecap Fund Is a Standout

This Open Primecap Fund Is a Standout

David Kathman: Primecap Odyssey Stock is the smallest of the six funds managed by the Primecap team, with a little under $8 billion in assets, but it's one of only two of those funds that remain open to new investors, along with its sibling Primecap Odyssey Growth.

It's a really excellent core fund by just about any measure. The managers use the same contrarian growth strategy that they do in all their funds, but here there's a bit less emphasis on growth and more on valuation. This is the one fund of theirs that's in the Morningstar large-blend category rather than large-growth or mid-growth.

It's got a really impressive track record; its three-, five-, and 10-year returns are all in the category's top 5%. It's landed in the top quartile in each of the past four years, and it's having another strong year so far in 2017.

The fund's expense ratio has inched up over the past few years, but at 0.69%, it's still cheaper than about three quarters of its peer group. It's a real standout that fully earns its Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold.

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