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Morningstar Moments: Funds With the Most Russian Stock Exposure

Our analysts also fill us in on the latest with ARKK and diversification.

Russian Investments After doing some digging, Ben Slupecki found the most exposure in three categories: emerging-markets, natural resources, and energy. He put together this list of the funds with the most exposure to Russian stocks. Invesco Emerging Markets All Cap GTDDX and BlackRock Natural Resources Trust MAGRX were two of the strategies that made the list.

ARKK's Identity Crisis OK, so it's not exactly a crisis. But we do have some questions about one of the best-known growth-stock mutual funds, the first one being this: Is it still a growth fund? When thinking inside the Morningstar Style Box, it is. Katherine Lynch gets to the bottom of it.

The Shifting Diversification Landscape Between inflation, interest rates, and market stress, diversifying your portfolio is a different game these days. As Amy Arnott states: "Diversification still works, but it's not easy." Download the full landscape report here.

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