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Morningstar Moments: 3 Things You May Have Missed

Morningstar's experts discuss fund fees, mega backdoor Roth IRAs, and an alternative to annuities.

Here are the major market moments our analysts have been talking about.

1) The Fees Are Falling, the Fees Are Falling!

Fund investors saved $6.2 billion in 2020. How? Fund fees are cheap, and they seem to only keep getting cheaper thanks to investors shifting toward low-cost funds. In Morningstar’s annual fee study,

takes a closer look at this trend.

2) Slott Says... Push Your Roth IRA to the Limit

High-income heavy savers can supersize their Roth IRAs with after-tax 401(k) contributions through something called a “mega backdoor Roth IRA.” Before you go running to the back door, there are a few hurdles to jump over first. Ed Slott sat down with

to show her how this strategy works.

3) A Cheaper Alternative to Annuities

Annuities have long eased the fear of retirees who are afraid of outliving their assets. So why don’t more Americans purchase this product? They’re complex and can get expensive. However, there is another option: tontines.

writes about how the once popular product is making a comeback from 1905.

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